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Translation memories

Perhaps the most important translator tool.  For the client, this is essential to guarantee consistent quality, faster turnaround and reduce annual translation costs.

Translation memories

For each client we create a database in which all their translation projects are stored. Thanks to this technology, translators can consult and reuse those parts already translated. With this, we make sure to always use the same style and terminology for the client and, in addition, apply significant discounts for repetitions.

Translation memories are a very secure tool, which allows multiple translators to work simultaneously on one project. This allows translators to see the terminology and style used by the other translators. Repetitive parts do not need to be translated or typed again, as they are automatically detected and translated by the system if they have been previously translated.

Don't confuse translation memories with machine translations!

Translation memories are created and fed by translators, thereby creating a true "information center” for each client, and to be used by its employees.

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