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Do you already have a quality product or service?

We offer you a translation of, for example, your software, Apps, web pages or an online training platform, adapting the product or services to the particularities of another country, not just another language.


Translation and adaptation of your website, software and apps to the cultural particularities of your customer's country


  • Translation carried out by native translators.

  • Second review by reviewer (optional). 

  • More than 15 languages.

  • Customization of the interface elements.

  • Integration of the client's translation memory.

  • Quality control through localization software.

  • Adapting date and number formats.

  • Compilation of resource files.

Type of text

  • Websites

  • Software

  • Apps

  • Online help

  • User Licenses


  • C+, C++, JAVA

  • Perl, Python

  • .RC, .RESX, .EXE, .SRT, .SUB, .TS, 


  • .JSON, .YAML .MD


  • .STRINGS (iOS)


  • PHP (.PO) 

The localization process also takes into account the cultural aspects of the content, such as the format of numbers and dates, colors, as well as the reading direction in certain languages.

To be found in Internet searches, you will also need a correct SEO translation.

In addition to content translation, internal tags must also be correctly translated, uniformly, properly positioned and abbreviated. In many cases, it is not enough to literally translate the labels; they must be adapted according to the search words in the destination country used.

More information? Contact us 

The type of project or its volume does not matter. We are available to offer the most suitable, effective and profitable solution.

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